Mental Health Is Largely Missing From The Election Campaign

I would submit that during this particular [presidential] campaign, my colleagues were drawing upon their newly acquired awareness about the global impact of these events on people's psychological health and well-being. There was an intentionality to asking, "How do we help families talk to children about this?” Because we're very clear that it has an impact on people's sense of safety, which of course impacts their mental health and their physical health. I want to applaud my colleagues for doing this. And as I said, the discourse that happened on the listserv is evidence of our increased awareness and knowledge, and a good use of technology. In the past, there may have been events that would have brought this level of dysregulation and critical discourse, but they probably would have been happening in pockets, in relative isolation. But with the use of the internet, it's a much more global, intense conversation, and a critical discourse.

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