Police Chief Says Shooting Victims Were ‘very Well Known\' To Police

CPS Police Chief Rick Hanson says the two occupants of a stolen Ford F350, involved in Friday evening’s fatal shooting on Deerfoot Trail, had previous encounters with members of the police force.

Sources confirm to CTV Calgary that 34-year-old Jason Gary Roy and 26-year-old Ashley Jennifer Silver were the two occupants of the Ford F350.

Police Chief Hanson says the events of Friday night began with an investigation into reports of gun shots in the community of Copperfield.

“While circulating the area, at approximately 9:45 p.m., they (CPS members) were alerted to a suspicious vehicle which was subsequently confirmed as being stolen,” said Police Chief Hanson. “The vehicle fled the scene and was being driven in an extremely dangerous and erratic manner, putting the public and officers at risk. We are aware of at least two hit-and-run collisions with citizens initiated by the F350 before it was stopped.”

“The vehicle was also driving on sidewalks and pathways during the incident.”

The ordeal increased in danger when the truck joined high speed traffic on Deerfoot Trail.

“Once southbound on Deerfoot Trail, the vehicle attempted to cross a GM barrier to enter the northbound lanes and was unsuccessful. The vehicle then turned and began travelling northbound in the southbound lanes of Deerfoot Trail. At that time, our officers made the decision that the vehicle had to be stopped for the safety of the pubic and the vehicle was boxed in at Deerfoot Trail and McKenzie Lake Blvd.”

“One of the officers immediately exited his vehicle to make an arrest and began challenging the driver. Instead of surrendering, the driver accelerated at our member and began ramming police vehicles in an attempt to escape, putting the officer at risk.”

“Both occupants of the vehicle took actions that our officers clearly saw as being life threatening. It was at that point in time the determination was made to use deadly force.”

Two CPS members, experienced officers from the tactical section, fired their weapons into the cab of the truck. Hanson says the officers have more than thirty years of police experience combined and one of the officers has been involved in a previous shooting.

Police Chief Hanson says the female passenger of the stolen vehicle was not hit by stray bullets, but her actions provoked the CPS members to fire at her.

“She took actions that were clearly a risk to our officers and the officers responded.”

Due to the ongoing ASIRT investigation, the identities of the stolen vehicle suspects can not be officially released but Hanson says the pair had been involved in a similar incident outside of Calgary.

 “Both individuals were out on conditions of non-association, they weren’t supposed to be even in a vehicle, and they’re associated to a similar event in another jurisdiction where a vehicle was used as a weapon and charges were laid to that effect.” 

“These individuals have been involved in a great deal of criminal activity.”

Hanson says the two CPS members have been relieved from duty for thirty days, a practice which is standard policy during ASIRT investigations. 

Source : https://calgary.ctvnews.ca/police-chief-says-shooting-victims-were-very-well-known-to-police-1.1709986

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