Which Probiotic Is Right For You? These Are The Exact Bacteria Strains To Look For

Probiotics are one of the most commonly bought supplements, and it’s easy to see why: The microbiome affects literally everything—even things you might not expect, like vaginal health and immunity. What’s tricky is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all brand or formula for every scenario and every person.

The best probiotic cocktail for you depends on what good bacteria your body specifically needs more of. While you can go the gut-testing route for a super nitty gritty rec, you could also start by turning to your body for clues. Do you have a lot of digestive probs? Are you getting sick a lot? Have you been feeling depressed?

Thryve Inside CEO Richard Lin has devoted his professional life to learning more about the microbiome’s ins and outs. His company creates personalized probiotic plans, and through his research and others’, he’s come to recognize some strong patterns in how different bacteria strains serve different, specific purposes.

“Often, people just look for a probiotic that [advertises] the most bacteria strains—but a lot doesn’t always mean better.”

“Often, people just look for a probiotic that [advertises] the most bacteria strains and CFUs, which is the amount of bacteria per serving, but a lot doesn’t always mean better,” he says. What’s more important, he says, is learning how to look for specific strains that will benefit your body.

Because a lot of the names can look like someone forgot to take the “lorem ipusm” placeholder copy off the label, consider this your handy-dandy cheat sheet to pull up while you’re shopping. Outlined here are Lin’s recs for what to look for, based on what you want your probiotic to do.

Keep reading to find out exactly which bacteria strains to look for on your probiotics label.

Source : https://www.wellandgood.com/good-advice/probiotic-bacteria-strains/

Which probiotic is right for you? These are the exact bacteria strains to look for
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